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What am I doing, throwing my irreverent comments onto del toro’s work on Pacific Rim on what is supposedly a blog principally for entrepreneurs? So why not have the elevator pitch version of a review to express my innate compulsion to motivate (or demotivate) would-be viewers whether this morsel of entertainment would offset your personal time value of money?


Bottom Line: 7 / 10
1. More than enough CG effects to be worth your money as with Man of Steel.

2. More plot holes than jarlsberg cheese –
Spoiler Alert (Scroll away before its too late! Unless you are like me and would rather have precise, explicit plot details pre-show. #Arvin_I_am_your_father)

  1. Tactical nuclear warhead can wipe out an advanced ‘mk 5’ at close range and not a beaten up mk3 with an obvious hull breach from loss of arm.
  2. With such a high level of bioengineering why didnt the damn aliens just invent a plague that self-replicates Kaiju using Earth’s local biomass? Or how about sending 50 at quick succession and focus attacks on key infrastructure (hive mind coordination = superior battle coordination?) – Alien commander Fail; and yes, just STARE at the cause of your demise instead of reacting sensibly.
  3. The infrastructure cost of the ‘wall of life’ would be more manual and inefficient than mechanising the Jaegers using Six Sigma methods. How about a geosynchronous satellite that drops a Kaiju killing payload just above the damn breach. The UN in the story really had a shortage of entrepreneurial minds contributing ideas to solving the monster problem – the only character I can relate to is Ron Perlman‘s 🙂 Now that’s MARKET CREATION

There are more, but I tire. Good distraction for about 2 hours and bring the boys.